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Lucky number for perfect livings in 2024

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Lucky number for perfect livings in 2024


1 week ago

Lucky number for perfect livings in 2024

Everybody might have had a question in which factors they should consider buying one property apart from just seeing from the spots, locations or any amenities. That factor we just mentioned are “Lucky numbers” which are nowadays playing a major role in helping people to have more trust in fate and believe more in destiny.

YOOHOO, as an expert in knowing all the lucky numbers, would like to help you guys out of nowhere by collecting all the meaningful descriptions of each number and also the simple Mathematics calculation in getting to know  “the Lucky number for your property”  just in case that you still have no idea where to start.


How to know what your Lucky number is?


All the properties would have the house number for each one and we can use all the numbers to sum them up (Both before and after backslash symbol [/] altogether) which later can help us find out the lucky number and their true meanings behind those.


To cite one example, 

if your house number is 20/300 or having the same formats as in the following example. Here is how to do the calculation:

  1. Find the total sum of all the numbers (before and after the backslash): 2+0+3+0+0= 5
  2. Then we can find the meaning of number 5 which is the lucky number for this house (20/300)


**If your sum didn’t come out as the one-digit number, you still have to add all of the value to make it becomes just only one digit in the end like the result from the first step is 27, you still have to find the total sum of 2+7= 9, which you will get “9” as the final one-digit result instead of 27.


Meaning of the Lucky numbers


Total sum of “1”

Referring to the leadership, encourage the tenants or any people living there to have such a huge progression in your career and also adopting more courage, intelligence or just to say that you were born as “The true leader”


Total sum of “2”

Referring to good health, no diseases. Feminine power is more empowered in your household and also adopting more of the progression in your career. Suitable for the place of living more than the business purposes.


Total sum of “3”

Referring to swiftness, flow and also prosperity. The owner will be an enthusiastic person who is very brave, witty and also industrial. This number should be more appropriate to go with the business purposes than just the place of living.


Total sum of “4”

Referring to high luck, attracting more of the good fortune leading to success, prosperity and popularity. Suitable for both as a place of living or for businesses. This number also means intelligence, politeness and a good negotiator-ness.


Total sum of “5”

Referring to the abundance in your life, believing that the tenants were born with good karma and also as a reasonable person. Loveliness is the key.


Total sum of “6”

Referring to the beauty, charisma of the tenants which are pretty attractive and adorable. Can be used for both living or businesses as number “6” does give more opportunities to gain more prosperity onwards.


Total sum of “7”

Referring to superstitious beliefs, an intuition or the foretell of the obstacles that might occur in the future and also the conflicts. Meaning that the owner or the tenants are pretty industrial, perseverance and not giving up to the destined paths. 


Total sum of “8”

Referring to the infinity, infinite or endless. Meaning that this number will bring infinite abundance, business growth, prosperity and the never ending happiness to everyone in the house.


Total sum of “9”

Referring to the respect, appreciativeness from the others towards the owner of this place. Number 9 is usually related with Thai’s belief which mean the good sins, moral and also honesty, sometimes also about the god’ blessings and support.



How to deal with an unlucky number or the ones that you don’t like?

As everyone might not have much chance to pick their house numbers in the first place, so this might usually be the case that we could often see and here are the simple steps to resolve that:

  1. Hiding a new coin behind the house number sign
  2. Using the house number sign which has already been through the Buddhist Coronation ceremony.
  3. Using the Chinese sign to dispel bad luck.


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