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Investing in Phuket's Real Estate Market: 2024 Outlook

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Investing in Phuket's Real Estate Market: 2024 Outlook


9 months ago

Investing in Phuket's Real Estate Market: 2024 Outlook

Southern Thailand holds a very special spot both geographically and culturally. And it is none other than Phuket Real Estate Market. Being the largest city in the Kingdom of Thailand, it is always bustling with visitors from corners of the world. Likewise, tourism is the most popular industry in Phuket. And the reason lies that several beaches surround the island city. 

However, there is something more important about this night-owl city. The real estate market of Phuket has been surging to new peaks since post-covid times. On the other hand, this is also one of the contributing factors that stand it as the world's most famous tourist site. 

Are you also eager about the Phuket Real Estate Thailand sale? Do you want to get a good yield out of your investment in the market? Hold on; we are here for you. In this article, we'll guide you about the benefits of investing in real estate in Phuket for sale. Continue reading next. 

Phuket Real Estate Market Benefits


Phuket Real Estate - Get the most out of the Thai real estate market

Regarding the city of beaches, Phuket is ahead of the game. The town holds a huge significance for the tourism and real estate industry. It might be surprising, but this city hosts more than 9 million visitors alone. 

Whether you're up for some holiday vacation or want to move to Southeast Asia, Phuket has everything you need for a comfortable living. 

On the glass waters of the Andaman Sea, the island is standing with all its might. Once the tourists visit this heavenly place, they will surely come back. On that account, the housing and rental business is widespread in Phuket.

Also, Phuket Real Estate Thailand greatly influences the Thailand real estate market.  

The Thailand beach houses are popular among tourists; Phuket holds more than half of them. It is advantageous to invest in the real estate market of the island city because of the high returns on investment it offers.

Phuket Real Estate - The potential benefits of Investing Within: 

After going through all the "Phuket talk," you might be unclear about what is so special about this place. There are many reasons you could follow for that. Ever been to Thailand? If so, you might have heard of the house for sale in Phuket, Thailand, as buzzing. And that's the case with the rest of the accommodations. The real estate market in Phuket is pretty strong. In addition, it impacts the house prices in Thailand widely. 

Involvement in the real estate market in Phuket holds several benefits. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Investing in accommodations comes with pure rental benefits. It means you can put the building on rent and will have full ownership of the rent as well as the condos. 
  • Foreign Investors can avail of Thai residency by investing in a 10 million Thai Baht property. It comes with the Elite Easy Access scheme, which allows non-Thai nationals to buy property in Thailand.
  • Investing in the homes for sale in Thailand by the beach is exempted from the annual general property tax. 
  • Phuket lies in the top 10 tourist destinations globally, offering a considerable ratio of tenants. 

7 Reasons to Invest in the Phuket Property Market 

Known for its fascinating islands, exotic wildlife, and vibrant nightlife, Thailand is a country that is a hub for different tourists throughout the 365 days of the year. Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand provides an extremely amazing and unique ambiance for all travelers from different parts of the globe. Recently, its real estate industry has been booming a lot as it has experienced exponential growth in the past few years.

In the south of the country, Phuket real estate is the center of attraction for all the visitors and locals as it has a high potential of paying back more than your initial investment. Do you want to dig deeper and gather more information about the Phuket Real Estate Market? Are you pondering about the Phuket Real Estate Investment Market? Well if the answer is “yes” then stay tuned as we will give you an insight into the Phuket Real Estate Market with relevant information regarding Phuket Property Market Price and Trends.

Accessibility and Tourism 

Phuket is one of the most visited cities throughout the world in recent times and has one of the best airport facilities for international travelers.The high rate of tourist influx termed up with it’s easy access makes it a place that should highly be considered by all those investors who want to have a safe investment journey as the Phuket Real Estate Market has been booming a lot. As it is a focal point in Asia for the tourists hence it highly advocates the point that why should we invest in the Phuket Real Estate Market. A high tourist volume will result in higher rental income for all the investors.

Friendly Ownership Laws

Another key factor that makes the Phuket Real Estate Market unique is its friendly ownership laws. Thailand has set a limit for the local ownership of Thais in condominiums to 51 percent leaving a large gap for foreign investors on top of that there is a lease period of 30 years that can be further extended.Foreign Investors can avail of Thai residency by investing in a 10 million Thai Baht property. It comes with the Elite Easy Access scheme, which allows non-Thai nationals to buy property in Thailand.Investing in the homes for sale in Thailand by the beach is exempted from the annual general property tax. This is one of the best features of the Phuket Real Estate Investment Market.

There are many cooperative legal advisors and straightforward legal frameworks that completely set apart the Phuket Real Estate market from others.


With a wide variety of infrastructures and a cost-friendly living, the Phuket price ranges are pretty affordable for investors. The average price of condominiums in Phuket per square meter is about 2,500 to 4,100 USD which is peanuts as compared to other travel hubspots. Not only this but Phuket has some of the best medical facilities with a very affordable price bracket adding another plus point to the flourishing Phuket Real Estate market. 

Standard of Living and Amenities

 Every real estate buyer is curious about the quality of lifestyle of the place in which they are investing. Well if you take a glance at this vibrant city you’ll come to know that it provides top-notch educational institutions and world-class medical facilities. 

The cosmopolitan environment and economically friendly conditions of the city are qualities that add value and importance to the Phuket property price trend and Phuket Real Estate Market.

Rental Yield Potential 

Tourism  not only benefits hotels, but also other types of short-term rental housing. High-quality condominiums and villas are attractive for their high return on investment, with some developed properties achieving an annual return of 6-7%. According to a  Bangkok Post report, the supply of new condominiums  in 2019 increased by up to 30% year-on-year due to increased demand from foreign investors from China, Singapore and Hong Kong. 


Despite the large offers, many investors are expressing confidence in Phuket's Real Estate Investment. More than 70% of the more than 16,000 new condos sold this year have already been sold, according to Colliers International.

Best Location in Thailand

Located in the south of the country Phuket city provides some stunning views and sights as it is surrounded by islands around it. The tranquility teamed up with its amenities and friendly locals accounts for the distinctive nature of the Phuket Property Market.


Phuket Market Trends and Expert Opinions 

By examining the Phuket property Market and Phuket Property price trends many experts believe that it is a very lucrative location for multiple investors around the globe. The success rate of the Phuket Real Estate Market is pretty high and it looks very promising as compared to the other major tourist destinations. Hence we can say that the idea of Phuket Real Estate Investment is a safe one and must be considered by everyone who possesses the means.


Phuket Real Estate Market Benefits


Future of Phuket real estate for sale 2024 -What’s in store for you? 

The future of Phuket real estate seems to be escalating more than ever in 2024. Although the average house price in Thailand will not be the same as it used to be, the real estate market's potential is quite high. As per the property experts, Thailand will likely see a 5-10% price rise, but it won't affect the rentees. 

Lately, a lot of people have shifted to Phuket. The city also houses retired people. Phuket house sale is successful as more and more people are buying properties on the island. 

Thus, the market is getting bigger daily with chances of high ROI.

Phuket's real estate market offers promising prospects for investors in 2023. Growing external demand, emerging real estate hotspots, positive market forecasts, and a host of attractive factors make Phuket stand out as the best investment opportunity in Thailand. Whether you are an experienced investor or a first-time buyer, exploring the potential of Phuket's real estate market offers a rewarding opportunity and a share in the growth and prosperity of this thriving island. It may be possible to connect.

As the final half of the year 2023 is coming to an end and the year 2024 is around the corner we are pretty hopeful and confident that the Phuket Real Estate Market is going to sore in the upcoming year. Knight Frank hailing from Thailand gives us a Birds Eye view about the future of Phuket Condominium Industry that is ahead of us.

This current year played an extremely crucial role in elevating and evolving the Phuket Real Estate Industry as several condos marked their completion which are now ready to host a new batch of tourists in the upcoming year amongst which the greater chunk will be from china. Looking forward towards 2024 it is expected that these newly built condominiums will be in high demand amongst the investors.

The prediction regarding the number of tourists arriving in Phuket for the year 2023  is pretty amazing with an estimated figure of 2.3 million. There is a high probability that the figures will double in the upcoming year 2024 which is an encouraging indicator for all the investors that are looking forward to investing in the Phuket Real Estate.

Although in the past Russian and Chinese investors have shown significant historical interest, the upcoming year, 2024 might witness a strategic change in condo development sites. This shift could involve a move towards inland areas due to the increasing scarcity of beachfront properties.

"The condo market in Phuket is a beacon for all the investors, shining with potential for rewarding returns," Mr. Nattha comments. “The current recovery trajectory suggests a market ripe with opportunity, especially as we approach 2024.”

Taking a glance at the final half of the year 2023 we’ve observed some exponential growth in the condo market although the overall Real Estate Industry is still dominated by the villa sector. Without over 24,000 condos existing and an addition of further 900 at the commencement of this year, demonstrating a deliberate emphasis on the sale of current properties.

In the year 2023 Condominium sales recorded a strong performance with an adoption rate of 77% of available units. The main chunk of buyers were Russians who were attracted by Phuket's attractive climate and Europeans looking for a spacious retreat. Ocean view condo prices have increased slightly, indicating that the  market is gradually gaining momentum and may intensify further in the upcoming year 2024.

According to the views of Mr Nattha "Prices are gradually climbing, reflecting a market that's waiting for the full return of international interest,". He further commented that "We're anticipating this could lead to a more significant uptick in prices as we move into 2024."

At Yohoo Homes it is our sole aim and first priority to provide you with the latest developments and information regarding the Phuket Real Estate Market. With the year 2024 around the horizon we will make sure to inform you about new trends and up-to-date inclinations so that you remain well informed regarding the Real Estate Market consequently allowing you to make wise decisions and help you achieve maximum returns from your investments.


How is the real estate market in Thailand?

Thailand's real estate market is huge, with a 91.7 index of annual residential growth even after the pandemic. So, here's the thing, property realtors are predicting it to get even more gigantic by the end of 2023. However, the market was close to shutdown during the pandemic but things are better now. Thailand's real estate prices play a vital role, increasing gradually. Thus, you can easily pick one from the Thailand beach houses for sale. 

Is Phuket a good place to live?

Yes, Phuket is quite a good place to live. The city has scenic sites and phenomenal infrastructure. Amid the heart of the beaches, Phuket offers residential and social facilities like schools, health centers and cost-effective inns. Anyone can live off well as the city is not expensive but cost-effective. 

What are the benefits of living in Phuket?

Living in Phuket comes off with a lot of benefits. From cheap housing prices to a vibrant lifestyle, the city is ideal for living. Moreover, it has a wide range of tourist attractions like beaches,  rainforests and Big Buddha. It also includes community facilities. Hence, it is safe for working people too. Any house for sale in Phuket offers many incentives necessary for a comfortable living. 

Where do most expats live in Phuket?

Most ex-pats in Phuket live in Kathu. The Kathu offers affordable living motels or apartments for the ex-pats, so it is always sweltering with them. 

Where do the rich live in Phuket?

Millionaire’s Mile is one of the most famous spots in Phuket. It is also known as Kamala Beach. Usually, the rich in Phuket prefer to stay here for a holiday trip. 

Is it worth buying property in Phuket?

Being the prime location of Thailand, Phuket is worth living in. The homes for sale in Phuket, Thailand, don't cost too much; also, it is the most loved spot for visitors, ex-pats or retired ones. In addition to its lively nights, it offers sightseeing, making it on the ardent travelers' bucket list.

Do and don'ts in Phuket?

In Phuket, you should greatly respect Thai culture and the royal family. Do stand up whenever you listen to the Thai Anthem. Behave warmly with the locals. 

While in Phuket, you should avoid going to temples without covering your head and shoulders. Also, don't go undress when you're at a public place. Avoid using drugs.

Can foreigners buy property in Phuket?


Yes, you can buy property in Phuket. You can own different units in a condominium as the Thai law allows only 51 percent ownership to the locals which is a very major advantage about the Phuket Real Estate investment. Although you cannot buy or own any land, you always have the option of owning a property. 


Is the Phuket Real Estate investment and Phuket Real Estate Market safe?


Well yes the Phuket Property Market is endorsed by many real estate experts and giants. Qualities like high value amenities, foreign ownership friendly laws and tourism hubspot makes it one of the prime areas which should be considered by different stakeholders and investors.


Is it okay to invest in Real Estate?


Real estate investing can be lucrative, but it's important to understand and know about the risks first.Key risks include poor location, negative cash flow, high vacancy rates and problem tenants.Other risks to consider are  lack of liquidity, potential structural issues and the unpredictable nature of the real estate market



Summing up, Phuket Thailand homes for sale can be profitable for your stock portfolio. Since many tourists flock to the island city, the real estate industry is experiencing a bloom. Furthermore, property prices, ranging from condos to villas, are attainable for the masses. Why not avail this opportunity and spend the money on something more profitable and rewarding in the long run?

If you’ve made it to the end of this article we’re pretty much sure that you would have gotten a Birds Eye view about the Phuket Real Estate Investment Market.

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